One of the down sides to owning and storing a caravan is the size and weight of the van making them very hard to move unless hitched to your car. But sometimes your car can’t manoeuvre the van in to tight and tricky spots. That’s where a powered caravan mover comes in very handy.

A caravan mover allows you to “drive” your caravan around using a remote control to effortlessly position your van exactly where you want it. You can use a caravan mover at the caravan park to get your van in the perfect position to maximise your block, or at home to store your van as out of the way as possible.

There are several types of caravan movers so contact Slade’s today so we can help you choose the best caravan mover for your van and situation. Once we supply and fit, we’ll even show you how to use it.

Awning replacements and fittings including awning walls, annexes, curved rafters, shade cloth and more. The right awning can provide you with extra living space, energy conservation and added comfort from the harsh Australian elements.

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We service, repair and maintain all makes and models of caravans, pop-tops and camper trailers. Our service centre is fully equipped with state of the art equipment to take care of your home on wheels. We take on any job big or small, whether it is brakes and bearings or a complete caravan refurbishment. Regular servicing of your caravan is essential in ensuring you and your family are safe on the roads. Following a servicing and maintenance program will also extends the life of your caravan and help it to retain its resale value.

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Flexible and environmentally conscious power sources are now readily available for your caravan. Installing solar panels and/or battery systems to your caravan will mean you are less reliant on ‘the grid’ as you go about your travels. Whether you free park or enjoy heading out to remote areas, solar panels and battery systems are a wonderful solution for powering your caravan. We can advise you on the best solution for your caravan.